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Edmond P. DeRousse February 12, 2015 at 2:35 am

I continue to sign at craft fairs, festivals, libraries, Mom & Pop book stores, major book stores, and many other places.  I gave books away. I have been interviewed on radio, newspaper, and TV. Check out the TV interview posted on the Home page. Public speaking is something I have done but intend to do more. I have my own you tube channel where you can see videos of what’s going on with the book business and other fun activities.

I have driven several thousand miles promoting and marketing. While visiting my brother in Wimberly, Texas, I managed to sell a few books at a Rotary meeting I attended. While book signing in Chicago, I was interviewed by the Discovery Channel and appeared on a program called “How the States Got Their Shapes”. But you have to look quick. I was on it @ 15 seconds. Here’s a photo of the interview.

How the States Got Their Shapes-Edmond DeRousse Sparta Illinois

Pete Russey has been the subject of three books. He just will not leave me alone. So be looking out for more adventure books. I also have a couple of cowboys inside my head trying to talk to me. Eventually I expect them to find galloping along some pages.

I travel around a lot on my motor bike taking pictures. My son and I travelled along Historic Route 66 from St. Louis, Mo. to Santa Monica, Ca on our bikes.  Someday there may be a travel book about some of those travels.

Historic Route 66-Edmond DeRousse Sparta IllinoisSt. Louis, Mo. to Santa Monica-Edmond DeRousse Sparta Illinois

I’ve joined three writing related groups and a couple of service organizations. Each fulfills a different personal need.

Recently I was released from the Illinois Department of Corrections where I was locked up 5 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. But not to worry, I was an educator at two correctional facilities and retired after twenty years. My wife is retired as well. The kids are out of the house with kids of their own. My wife and I now spend a great deal of time getting reacquainted with each other and having lots of fun.

Marketing, marketing, marketing, It never stops. Doors are always opening. It is up to me to walk through them or not.

While promoting my books, I discovered that many people have written things and would like to share them with the world. Their problem was that they either did not know how to proceed or had been unsuccessful in their attempt. Being able to share the written word with those outside the family and friends is, of course, very difficult. My Publish your Manuscript Workshop was developed to answer many of the questions I was asked about how the process actually works.

Apparently, it is something people are wanting. I now do this workshop twelve times a year at various local community colleges. I expect the number of locations to grow more this year and into next year.

One of the locations where I did my workshop recorded the workshop and then posted portions of it to you- tube. I have posted a link to one of the segments here.   Check it out.


Things are constantly changing. I did not go looking, but a Literary Agent found me. Her company, LitFire Publishing is doing something called Author Branding. The expected results of the marketing plan are very exciting. I’ll let you know how it worked out.

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