SEPTEMBER 11th (Least We Never Forget)

Edmond P. DeRousse September 11, 2018 at 9:00 am

Plane one crashed into the tower!

Plane two crashed into second tower!

They both fell in a few hours!

Nearly 3000 lost in the fires!


That day was full of snapshots!

What were your thoughts?

Was your belly full of knots?

Could this be enemy plots?


Heroes, there were many heroes!

Firemen, policemen, from the debris rose!

On a plane bound for PA. were superheroes!

Yet despite our fear, united we rose!


Still, today as yesterday, many have fallen!

Insuring our freedoms are not downtrodden!

We must be vigilant and proceed with caution!

These years later, have you forgotten?


This is a departure from my regular blogs. My purpose for these blogs is not political, but I do believe it is important to recognize where we are and why we are able to do things like publish. We have freedoms I believe others do not want us to have. September 11, 2001 those freedoms were challenged.

I hope you excuse this departure and take the time to read this blog as well.

Let’s do some reminiscing about 9-11-01:

September 11 (9-11-01) is a most memorable date, not just an event, in American History. I am sure any adult living in America today would agree.

Do you remember where you were on the morning of Sept 11, 2001? What happened on that day? I am sure you know.

How did you feel when you heard that a plane hit one of twin towers in New York? What did you feel when you heard a second plane hit the second twin tower? Then a plane crashes into the pentagon. Do you remember what your thoughts were at that moment Did you get interested in what was going on?

Were you talking about this with or to someone? Were you fearful? Were you tearful? Were you angry? Can you remember how you felt?

But it was not over! A plane had just crashed into a field in Pennsylvania! We were told the plane was taken over by terrorist (a word by now we had heard several times that fateful day). It crashed because passengers overtook the terrorist, but it was too late for their survival. We were told these terrorists had intentions of crashing the plane into the US Capitol building. Did your feelings again change after you heard this new information?

Still, there was more to come! We saw video of airliners hitting the towers. We watched those towers come crashing down in clouds of smoke. We saw images of survivors, covered in the powdered remnants of those collapsed towers, running out of clouds of smoke. We heard about the brave firemen and policemen running into those same clouds. Did you tune out? Could you tune out?
What did you do September 12, 2001?

No one can deny that nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001. This includes civilians and hijackers. There was lots of crying, lots of questions, lots of sympathy and empathy. The country was stunned. An attack had happened on American soil. Most of us felt like we were punched in the stomach. How was our country going to react to this surprise punch?

What about September 11, 2018: We have all had time to reflect and years of history is behind us? Today what are your feelings? Time can give one a different perspective. Have your interpretations of what happened seventeen years ago and why it happened changed?

Are you still talking about this with or to someone? Are you fearful? Are you tearful? Are you angry? Do you still remember how you felt? Is what happened on 9-11-01 as important to you today as it was on that fateful day?

I believe most Americans felt safe before that tragedy. Do you feel as safe today? Do you feel the same way, today, for the survivors and those who lost their lives as you did seventeen years ago? Do you feel the same way about the United States as you did then? If you do feel differently, have you thought about why?

For me, two things remain the same. God’s presence was and still is important. I spent the following day away from work evaluating my feelings and asking God for His help with my evaluation. I still do.

9-11 is also the day my wife and I celebrate the day we married. I was preparing to celebrate our 30thwedding anniversary, September 11, 2001. But, like most Americans that day, we were suffering. Celebrating what we had, did not seem right. So many had lost so much that day.

I most assuredly feel differently today about September 11 than I once did. It once was a day of celebration. Today, it is a day of mixed emotions.

What about you? Is 9-11 just another day? Or have you forgotten?


Edmond P. DeRousse, Author

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