Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Edmond P. DeRousse November 19, 2018 at 2:55 pm

A story of mystery, told though the eyes of an adopted Arabian……………….

Marshall and Buddy were getting ready to enter the breakfast buffet. Buddy, as was his habit, was surveying his surroundings when he noticed something out of place at the edge of the enclosure.

“What’s that?” Buddy ask his friend. “I don’t think it belongs there.”

Buddy cautiously made his way to the object. Marshall followed. It was clearly a body of some sort and it was not moving.

Buddy poked at it to see if it would move. It didn’t.

“Houston, we’ve got a problem!” Buddy snorted to the group’s head honcho. “There’s a dead body here!”

Houston looks up from his breakfast. “Huh! A body? What are you talking about?”

“Yea, Houston. A body and it ain’t moving. It’s definitely dead.”

“Move out of the way, Buddy! Let me see.” Cinco, the youngster of the group, had excitedly run from his breakfast feast and pushed his way to Buddy’s side. “Hey he’s right! There it is. What the heck kind of body is that? I think it’s a big rat!”

Azzie, who was totally engrossed in eating, looked up from his food when he heard the word rat. “Rat? That’s not likely. Let me have a look-see.” He said as he moved toward the object in question to investigate. “I’ve never seen a rat here before.”

Besides eating, checking things out was Azzie’s favorite thing to do. “That thing seems to be wearing a black mask.” Azzie said as he inspected the dead body. “The nose is pointy, Houston. It’s got paws. It’s way too big for a rat. Besides, as I said before, rats don’t live here.”

There were now four males standing around the body. Serifina was a few yards away from the buffet bar awaiting her turn to eat when she noticed the group of males gathered at the edge of the enclosure. She was the new young attractive female in the group and always seemed to have her male radar up.

Serifina made her way to the boys, insuring of course, they all saw her sashay over to them. “Hey guys, Whatcha dooin?”

“Ewe! A rat!!!” She squealed when she saw the body laying lifeless on the ground. “It’s not moving. Is it…d  d dead?”

From the end of the breakfast bar, the one known as Princess said, “A raccoon. It’s a raccoon. I saw him lying there last night.”

“Why didn’t you say anything before, Princess?” Houston asked.

“I showed the caretaker the dead body last night. I heard him say he needed to move it. I guess he didn’t.”

More residents had now started gathering around the body.

“Does look like a giant rat!” Someone said.

“Naw! It’s too big for a rat.” someone else said.

“It’s not a rat. Rats don’t have a rounded nose like this guy.”

Princess was called Princess for a reason. Everybody knew she had the attitude to match the name and she was a bit irritated. “It’s a raccoon, I said!!”  And the discussion about what it was, was now over.

But residents were still gathering around the body. It was being poked and prodded and sniffed.

“Houston, we really do have a problem” Buddy said again. “Somebody’s gonna flatten this body if that caretaker don’t get it out of here.”

With that statement of fact, the horses turned away and went back to eating. The how or why it happened had no significance. The important stuff, after all, was waiting for them at the Riding Center Buffet and Breakfast Bar.

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