“He’s Touching Me!!” A family story

Edmond P. DeRousse April 9, 2019 at 9:14 am


The temperature was approaching 100 degrees. There were no clouds in the sky to protect the earth from the scorching rays of the sun. Shade was difficult to find.

Our four-legged friends were enjoying lunchtime when we arrived at the stables. Most of the horses were gathered around the hay bales. I told my wife it looked like The Riding Center Buffet and Breakfast Bar had a full house

There are always three buffet lines and there is always plenty to eat. Sometime the buffet gets a little crowded, though, but generally no one complains. Perhaps the heat accounted for the Family Feud we witnessed that day. It went something like this:

The kids and the adults were all eating. Cissy, pregnant with her third and nearing her delivery date, had asked her friend, Aztec, to be next to Jake, the oldest of her children. That way she figured Jake, who had an extremely difficult time staying still even long enough to eat, would be less likely to escape. Daisy, the youngest, was placed next to Mom and Princess but on the opposite side of the bar from her brother. Uninvited to the table Jake’s friend, Cinco, literally squeezed himself into the group between Jake and Aztec.

When Cinco squeezed in, Daisy plopped out. She didn’t seem to mind, though. Daisy just put her head down and started eating the leftovers from the floor. Jake saw his sister was no longer in the group and she appeared to be happy eating from the floor. That gave Jake an excuse to investigate. He bolted from the bar to check out his sister.

OOOOh!!!! The commotion. A killing must be underway.

While checking out the stuff on the floor, Jake made the mistake of getting too close to his sister.

“He’s touching me! He’s touching me, Mom. Make him stop!” Daisy screamed as she kicked at her brother.

“I am not!” Jake shook his head and emphatically replied while returning his sister’s kick. “I just wanted to find out if she was OK!” He was, of course, pretending to be the concerned big brother.

“He’s lying. That’s not what he wanted to do!” she bawled and then attempted to bite her brother.

Her attempt missed the target. Jake retaliated but didn’t miss.

You would have thought Daisy was mortally wounded by the way she carried on. Daisy stomped away from her brother and then looked at her Mom.

“Jake’s eating my food. He won’t let me have any. He’s gonna eat it all! There won’t be any left for me.  He’s got his own food. Why does Jake have to eat mine? I don’t want him to eat mine. He can eat his own. Tell him to leave me alone.” At this point whatever Daisy was saying became unintelligible. And she was saying a lot. And very loudly.

Jake looked defensive and of course denied everything. He took a step toward his sister, which ultimately made Daisy scream even more.

Mom looked at the two of them and shook her head as if to say, “Jake, leave your little sister alone. She doesn’t need your help. Come on back to the bar and finish eating.”

Jake was not about to give in to either his mom or his sister. Especially his little sister. He, as far as he was concerned, had done nothing wrong. His sister was squalling for no good reason.

Cissy, the experienced mom that she is, kept an eye on her kids to make sure they would not kill each other. It was not the first disagreement between the two and it would not be the last. They needed to learn to resolve differences of opinions.

Besides, it was hot, she would be delivering a third child into the fracas soon, she was tired, and with all the help around The Riding Center Buffet and Breakfast Bar, everyone would be well cared for.

Cissy was right. The fracas was soon over, and all was right with their world again.

If you were there, you too would have no doubt that’s what happened.

I do, though, wonder about a couple of things. Who was at fault here and what started it? Was it Daisy for insisting her brother was guilty of something? Or was it Jake for investigating his sister’s activity? Perhaps it was Cinco for starting the whole thing by inviting himself to lunch? Would any of this have happened if it wasn’t a scorching hot day? Did the kids take advantage of their pregnant mom, believing she would be less likely to do anything about the situation once it got started?

Who really knows?

Such is family life.

By the way Cissy delivered a beautiful filly two days later. Her name is Buffy.



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