What’s Happening

Edmond P. DeRousse February 12, 2015

I continue to sign at craft fairs, festivals, libraries, Mom & Pop book stores, major book stores, and many other places.  I gave books away. I have been interviewed on radio, newspaper, and TV. Check out the TV interview posted on the Home page. Public speaking is something I have done but intend to do more. I have my own you tube channel where you can see videos of what’s going on with the book business and

Story of the Week on

Edmond P. DeRousse January 22, 2015

Hi, everyone! I made story of the week on It’s entitled War Games that features the story of a 10-year old boy during the Cold War in 1960. Everyone was told to believe that it was international tension and competition but how will a little boy understand it?

If you’re interested to know his story, then check out the story on