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ISBN 978-1-63110-019-2 197 Pages

The Mighty Spartan and His Common Man Adventures is the latest in my series about Pete Russey, a common man. He is an ordinary man living an ordinary life in a small Southern Illinois town. But life takes unforeseen turns and the challenges they produce must be met.
What would you do if:In the middle of the night, while camping with your buddies, an unexpected stranger appears?
Something unforeseen happens at City Lake while on a late night rendezvous with your date?
You come face to face with a giant man-eating spider?
The Hell’s Angels come riding up behind you?
You and your wife, who is delivering your 1st born, hear a woman scream in the adjoining labor room?

Pete meets these challenges and like a real Spartan, picks up his shield, brandishes his sword, and goes to battle.

Pete’s adventures are entertaining. Readers will experience frightening journeys, some warm and fuzzies, and even romantic encounters. Everyone can identify with something in it and will get a chuckle or two. You may even find yourself escaping, for a while, all the negative stuff happening around you.

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"The Mighty Spartan was a delightful memoir to read - I enjoyed especially the chapter on the filming on "In The Heat of the Night". I was a young nurse working 3 - 11 at Sparta Hospital. A group of co-workers would come "down town" after work to watch Sidney Portier and Rod Steiger on the streets of Sparta! Good job. Thank you sharing the memories."

- Alene Holloway -

"The Mighty Spartan! Edmond P. DeRousse has a writing skill all his own. Mixing Historic with comedy is a sheer talent. Not only comedy, but a little mystery, suspense and romance make a wonderful mix to make his stories flow. Mr. DeRousse keeps his characters and events true to the reader. I am always surprised where his story takes me and I’m wanting to read more and more. Once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down. I find this book an easy read and an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or bedtime."

- Mary Jane Hinnerichs -

"I greatly enjoyed Edmond DeRousse’s anecdotal novel, ‘The Mighty Spartan’. Mr DeRousse sent me a copy of the book to review and although it is the third volume in his Common Man Adventure Series, the fact that I have not yet read ‘Adventures of a Common Man’ or its sequel, ‘Choice and Consequence’, did not adversely affect my reading in any way.

Mr DeRousse’s conversational writing style is well suited to his everyman protagonist, Pete Russey. At the time of writing, Pete is in his early sixties and recounting various stories from his life. As Mr DeRousse says in the videoclip on his website, you don’t have to be rich and famous to have noteworthy adventures. Some of Pete’s adventures are funny, and others are poignant, but each of them is in some way relatable, and each of them gives the reader an insight into the life and times of a midwestern 'common man'.

‘The Mighty Spartan’ is set in Sparta, Illinois - about fifty miles southeast of the city of St Louis. Mr DeRousse writes fondly of his hometown and its inhabitants, and the location plays a central role in his vignettes. Fans of Garrison Keillor may appreciate the crisscrossing of colourful characters and universal themes that set the scene for many of Pete Russey’s adventures.

Mr DeRousse is, in his finer moments, an old school raconteur. Reading about Pete and his escapades is like sitting back on the porch on a long summer evening, listening to your favourite uncle tell you his stories. You may have heard some of them before, but the joy is in the experience, and in the appreciation of the moment."

- MDC - review from Amazon