Wild Game Hunting

Edmond P. DeRousse November 29, 2018


A friend of mine talked me into getting up at 3:00 a.m. on a snowy Saturday morning and go hunt deer with a bow and arrow. Three in the morning with snow on the g

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Edmond P. DeRousse November 19, 2018

A story of mystery, told though the eyes of an adopted Arabian……………….

Marshall and Buddy were getting ready to enter the breakfast buffet. B

The Brave Eighteen

Edmond P. DeRousse November 17, 2018


Nine horses and their riders went out that day prepared to sacrifice themselves. Here is their story.

My rider, Pete, was on that mission. He was

Army Maneuvers

Edmond P. DeRousse November 10, 2018

On this Veterans day, I thought it appropriate to post a Pete Russey Army adventure.   This is an excerpt from one of my Common Man Adventure series books, “Choice and

Sarah Sanders Ride With Excellence By: Edmond P. DeRousse

Edmond P. DeRousse November 3, 2018

My wife has been training with Sarah Sanders at The Riding Center in Freeburg, Illinois (located thirty miles east of St. Louis, Missouri) for over eight years. I watche

The Legend of Milt Famous

Edmond P. DeRousse October 20, 2018
I write fiction. Baseball season is nearing its end. Milwaukee may or may not continue, I remembered a story I heard about them years ag

SEPTEMBER 11th (Least We Never Forget)

Edmond P. DeRousse September 11, 2018

Plane one crashed into the tower!

Plane two crashed into second tower!

They both fell in a few hours!

Nearly 3000 lost in the fires!


That day was f

“First Man” The controversy

Edmond P. DeRousse September 10, 2018


“First Man”, A mankind achievement or an American achievement.

“First Man” is a movie about American Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the

50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) Popeye the Sailorman

Edmond P. DeRousse September 6, 2018

  (Hat provided by Spinach Can Collectables, Chester, Illinois)

I’m Popeye the sailor man, I’m Popeye the sailor man. I’m strong to the finic

Pete Russey and War Games

Edmond P. DeRousse August 23, 2018

In War Games, a chapter in my book “The Mighty Spartan and his common man adventures” the adolescent, Pete Russey, has to deal with a fear gripping the world. Here is an excerpt from that chapter.


“Cold War?” That was a peculiar name. A ten year old doesn’t understand things the way adults do. When I heard that term back then, I envisioned men fig