Special Bond/Hard Loss

Edmond P. DeRousse February 12, 2019


Horses bring a great deal of enjoyment into one’s life, no doubt. You work hard to learn about and teach each other. If you have

Has America lost it way?

Edmond P. DeRousse February 7, 2019

I do not use this blog as a forum for politics, but I am going to make an exception this time. I have to get several things off my chest. There are many things going on in today’s world I am struggling with. Sometimes I go to bed stewing.

I once identified as a hard-core liberal. But as I got older my beliefs have changed. Today, I lean more toward what is expressed as conservative thinking than to what I see ex

Ground Hog Day and Punxsutawney Phil

Edmond P. DeRousse January 30, 2019

  Punxsutawney Phil  

Ground Day is a celebration of the change in season from winter to spring. It is observed on the second day of February.

What i

Purple leathers

Edmond P. DeRousse January 19, 2019

     I have a riding buddy. We take every opportunity we can to get out in the countryside and just relax. He has a black Harley Davidson Road King Classic Tou


Edmond P. DeRousse January 1, 2019


The first post of this new year is very personal and, I believe, quite relatable and a true story. This story will appear in my next book entitled “Life Happens

50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) New Year’s Eve Celebration

Edmond P. DeRousse December 30, 2018


What started it all?

Out with the old. In with the New.  That’s a New Year’s tradition we celebrate each year. New Year’s celebratio

Crappy Day

Edmond P. DeRousse December 16, 2018

   Gypsy Horse Cartoons

Everyone who rides horses has experienced one. Maybe even literally. I absolutely can identify with the literal version.

My wife and I an

St. Nicholas / Santa Clause Some History

Edmond P. DeRousse December 7, 2018


This is a scientific reconstruction of what the real St. Nicholas may have looked like.

Santa Claus comes from the Dutch words “Sinter Klaas”.

Santa Claus is loo

Wild Game Hunting

Edmond P. DeRousse November 29, 2018


A friend of mine talked me into getting up at 3:00 a.m. on a snowy Saturday morning and go hunt deer with a bow and arrow. Three in the morning with snow on the g

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Edmond P. DeRousse November 19, 2018

A story of mystery, told though the eyes of an adopted Arabian……………….

Marshall and Buddy were getting ready to enter the breakfast buffet. B