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The Common Man Adventure Series Blog

Edmond P. DeRousse February 2, 2015

I am the author of three books. The first two are published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises. My third book is published by Mira Digital Publishing. These are all part of my Common Man Adventures

The Grand American

Edmond P. DeRousse August 2, 2018

Sparta, Illinois has hosted the Grand American each year since 2006. What is the Grand American you ask?

It is the premier international clay shooting event in the world

The American Cowboy// 50 Hats of Aztec (there’s history under those hats)

Edmond P. DeRousse July 12, 2018

  (Hat provided by Edmond P. DeRousse)

If you mention the word “Cowboy” to anyone in the wide world an image of a man wearing a wide brimmed hat, boots,

Illinois State Police History

Edmond P. DeRousse June 28, 2018

(hat provided by Master Trooper Gregg A. Cox 4689)

On December 3, 1818, my home state of Illinois became the 21st state to enter the Union. I honor of th

Adventures in the Publishing World

Edmond P. DeRousse June 22, 2018

My first book was released January 2010. Since then I have published several books. Two of them have been republished. I have had many positive adventures and some not so positive. I have learned much about the publishing business. My goals change constantly.

Here are some thoughts on and adventures with my book business since I began it.

I have published 7 books. 5 were on Amazon. 3 remain (see below

Secret Ingredient

Edmond P. DeRousse June 17, 2018

Here is a fictional story I wrote some time ago. Someday It may appear in a future book. Not sure what I will do with it.


Mom has been gone for over forty years. Dad never remarried so it became his responsibility to raise all us kids. Nor he ever move from the ol

Father’s Day history

Edmond P. DeRousse June 11, 2018


Nearly 4,000 years ago a young Babylonian boy named Elmesu carved a message to his father on a card. He wished his father good health and a long life. Although there is no re

Martha and Buttermilk (The Champions)

Edmond P. DeRousse June 5, 2018

My writing is always positive and I try to make my reader chuckle. My wife and I own a horses. As my writing and riding abilities progressed, I decided I wanted to attempt an inspirational short story which included a horse and a devastating health problem I had some familiarity with.The challenge here, of course, is to write about a negative, turn it into a positive while including humor. Horses can help people t

Some Mother’s Day History

Edmond P. DeRousse May 7, 2018

 Anna Jarvis (1864 – 1948)

Families were divided. The country was divided. The North against the South.

But there was a powerful unifying force in

50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) Cinco de Mayo

Edmond P. DeRousse May 4, 2018


Hat provided by Dr. Martha Huck:: Huck Equine Clinic

Meet Emirah, Aztec’s adopted sister. She is my wife’s Desert Breed Arabian. Emirah is the

50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) The Blue Angels

Edmond P. DeRousse April 23, 2018

  24 April 1946 – present

The Blue Angels, the US Navy’s elite flying team, celebrate their birthday on 24 April every year. They fly the distinctive blue