50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) Elmer J. Fudd

Edmond P. DeRousse September 11, 2017

Hat provided by Barbara McCormick)

Elmer Fudd: “It’s wabbit season, and I’m hunting wabbits, so be vewy, vewy quiet!“

Remember Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunn

The Brave Eighteen

Edmond P. DeRousse September 4, 2017

Here is an adventure from my upcoming book tentatively entitled: Aztec’s Horse Tails The Gnarly Tree

The Brave Eighteen

Nine horses and their riders went out that day prepared to sacrifice themselves. Here is their story. My rider, Pete, was on that mission. He was riding my buddy, Sundance. My name is Aztec. I would have been honored to go on that mission but I was dealing with a previous injury preventing