50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) Illinois State Police

Edmond P. DeRousse July 31, 2017

 (hat provided by Master Trooper Gregg A. Cox 4689)

I enjoy finding the histories about things, stuff, organization, etc. I do not miss many opportunities to put

1st Birth: A Unique Experience!!!

Edmond P. DeRousse July 27, 2017

The birth of your first child is always a unique experience. Women and men do not experience it the same. I sincerely believe no one going through that experience is totally prepared. To prove my point here is an excerpt from “The Mighty Spartan and his common man adventures” the chapter titled  Little Warriors. Pete Russey, the main character, is remembering the birth of his first child.


Should Blogging Be Part Of Your Book Business?

Edmond P. DeRousse July 22, 2017

I have been blogging much more now. While revisting some previous post, I found this one about blogging I posted a couple years ago. The information in it is stil