Sneak Peek into life of Grandpa Bill/son of the notorious Old West outlaw, Bill Longley

Edmond P. DeRousse May 13, 2017

Give me a good old fashioned Western novel to read and I’m happy. Some of my favorite Westerns were written by Louis L’mour, Peter Brandvold, Robert P. Parker, Robert Vaughan, and Chuck Norris. There is always plenty of action, good guys have a definite sense of right and wrong, a moral purpose, some romance (but not explicit) and they don’t get bogged down with gratuitous anything. Of course they are set in da

50 Hats of Aztec (There’s History Under Those Hats) The St. Louis Blues

Edmond P. DeRousse May 4, 2017

Let’s start this history blog with some Trivia and a Q & A. The answers to the trivia is at bottom of post.

How did the St. Louis Blues

Kaskaskia The first capitol of Illinois

Edmond P. DeRousse May 2, 2017