Are you too old to get started?

Edmond P. DeRousse February 16, 2016

I retired about four years ago. In addition to writing, I have taken up another hobby. It involves horses. Learning to ride a horse can certainly be a challenge at any age, but starting at age sixty and beyond poses some additional challenges. My wife got involved when she turned sixty. I watched her take lessons for a while and saw how much fun she was having. At age sixty three I decided to join in her fun.

My t

Are You Committed to Writing?

Edmond P. DeRousse February 10, 2016

If you talk to many writers, you will get different answers to that. The word writing is not in question. It is the word committed that is the question. Some believe, to be considered a legitimate writer you must write constantly?  I have talked with some who believe a writer must dedicate specific amount of time to writing every day. Others believe being a legitimate writer does not mean one has to write every day.