2016 Resolution: Be Fearless. See the Humor In Life

Edmond P. DeRousse December 30, 2015


Life is challenging and if you can’t see humor in that then be afraid! Be very afraid!

Don’t read “The Mighty Spartan and his common man adventures” either. If you are that person and you choose to do so, fear the humor when Pete Russey, the Mighty Spartan, meets up with a midnight stalker, a giant man-eating spider, the

Unplanned Dismounts

Edmond P. DeRousse December 28, 2015

We all have them. We don’t plan them. We can’t stop them. They happen in spite of us. We can do nothing about them, when they happen. We learn from them and go on, we learn nothing from them and go on, or we use it as an excuse to quit. Yet these are paramount to our development as humans.

What am I talking about?

Those times when your life is going along just fine. Everything at that moment is happening as

A Pete Russey Christmas Tradition

Edmond P. DeRousse December 18, 2015

Decorating The Perfect Tree

My mom, dad, brother, three sisters and I all got involved with the decorations. It must have been mass congestion in that room with all those people, boxes of decorations, and that massive tree. Mom took over here. She assigned each of us a special job. Mine was the tinsel. Years later, though, Mom reminded me that the some of the

Technology Fears

Edmond P. DeRousse December 16, 2015

How many of you are working to overcome technology fears because of your desire to write words? I am sure I am not the only one. Overcoming that fear has made my writing experience much more enjoyable and helps me sleep better at night. Overcoming those fears has helped me not stay up late at night. One such example of that is my cell phone. I can now give my thoughts to a lady’s voice named Siri, even if that tho

Merry Christmas Wishes To All

Edmond P. DeRousse December 11, 2015

To Christians (and I am one), Christmas, most importantly, represents the birth of Jesus Christ. But regardless, whether or not you are, Christmas is the occasion most celebrate family, life, and good. We reflect on what we did wrong, what we could have done better, what we can do to make us and the world better in the future. It is a time of good cheer, good will, good food, and family togetherness. We look forward