Kaskaskia – The first capitol of Illinois

Edmond P. DeRousse November 30, 2015

Should Blogging Be Part Of Your Book Business?

Edmond P. DeRousse November 22, 2015

The Common Man Adventure Series Edmond P. DeRousse Blog When my first book came out in 2010, I was advised to start a Blog. “What’s a Blog?” I asked my publisher. He explained it to me, but I wasn’t really listening. I had already made up my mind it was going to be too difficult for my technologically challenged brain matter. They even offered to set one up and teach me how to use it. It was hard enough f

Check Out These Books

Edmond P. DeRousse November 17, 2015

Since I have become a published author, I have discovered I am not alone. I have read many great books by local authors. I would like to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I did. Here are four books I recommend. Check them out. More recommendations coming.

The Alzheimer’s Roller Coaster: The Story Of Our Ride As Told By: Carolyn Mers My story is about the frustrating, stres

Cold War

Edmond P. DeRousse November 11, 2015

World War II ended in 1945. It was the “war to end all wars”. That statement had been us


Edmond P. DeRousse November 10, 2015

As someone serious about writing, publishing, marketing, and sharing my books with others, I am always on the look-out for opportunities. Recently I was given a chance to do something I had not given serious consideration to before. Getting my book business associated with a movie. Last year a writers’ group I am a member of, O’Fallon Writers Guild, was invited to review a movie, “Expect Delays” made by movi


Edmond P. DeRousse November 10, 2015

My latest book “The Mighty Spartan and his common man adventures” is available free on kindle for a short time. Order the FREE Kindle version  from Amazon November 9- 13 2015. I would appreciate a review on Amazon after you have read it.

Do You Remember Your First Time?

Edmond P. DeRousse November 6, 2015

Hey Guys do you remember the first time you took your girl out parking? How about you Girls? Do you remember that first time? In this excerpt from my latest book, “The Mighty Spartan and his common man adventures”, Pete Russey remembers. This is from the Chapter City Lake. After dating CJ for a while, I began to look at the indentation with a different perspective. The spot, I speculated, would be a great place to

Your Book Signing Event May Look Like This!!

Edmond P. DeRousse November 4, 2015

You have worked hard. You have planned well. The day has arrived and so have your readers. It gets easier with each event. I have documented some of mine. Some worked out well. Some not so. Some had unexpected results. And of course all provided network opportunities.

Take a look.



Edmond P. DeRousse November 1, 2015

A Mighty Spartan Halloween Story. ———————————- It was a Dark & Stormy Night There was that scratching sound again… And the tapping… And the sound of a dog barking; more of a whimper, actually. Without thinking, I search for the spot where I buried our dog. “I buried Sandy out there last year. Is she still in her grave?” “Chez, Pete! What′