Edmond P. DeRousse September 27, 2015

Each one of us has a deep-seated fear. They come in all forms whether it’s fear of heights, to the more absurd, such as the fear of beauti

Develop Your Publishing Plan

Edmond P. DeRousse September 27, 2015

Throughout your writing and publishing career it is important to set goals, develop a personal plan, and be willing to revise them. But keep in mind, reality and initial expectation are NOT the same. Just because you wrote it doesn’t mean you wrote a best seller.

Set realistic goals. Don’t plan to retire to write and publish more. You did not win the lottery, so your life didn’t change overnight. Like everyt

Encounters with Hell’s Angels

Edmond P. DeRousse September 17, 2015

Anyone remember Harvey Lembeck’s Eric Von Zipper, the inept leader of “The Rat Pack” motorcycle gang in the Beach Party films with

2:00 A.M. Voices (All writers deal with them)

Edmond P. DeRousse September 13, 2015

Many writers schedule specific times to put words on paper. Some of us write when we have time. Some when inspired. We all have our methods.

But what do you do when you are sound asleep and a voice enters your sleep at 2:00 a. m.? That voice is a line for a new story or book or poem or music or whatever. All writers have experienced this. Do you ignore it or get your tired body out of bed and go to work?

I gu

Book business Ideas

Edmond P. DeRousse September 9, 2015

There obviously are authors who have been involved in the business of writing a great deal longer than I have. All, I am convinced, have gone through this same process I have been blogging about and more.

In the previous blog, I talked about marketing. Now here are some things I tried. Some worked and are still working. Some didn’t.

When my first book came out, I got involved with four

SEPTEMBER 11th (Least We Forget)

Edmond P. DeRousse September 6, 2015

This is a departure from my regular blogs. My purpose for these blogs is not political, but I do believe it is important to recognize where we are and why we are able to do things like publish. We have freedoms I believe others do not want us to have. September 11, 2001 those freedoms were challenged.

I hope you excuse this departure and take the time to read this blog as well.

Let’s do some reminisci