Invitation to a Publishing Workshop

Edmond P. DeRousse February 24, 2015

Hi, everyone. How are you?

Anyway, I have an upcoming event and I would like to invite you join me. It will be a publishing workshop that will be held on March 28, 2015 at the Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. For your inquiries, please drop me a line through my contact page.

And if you need more deta

Growing Up in the 1950’s

Edmond P. DeRousse February 18, 2015


I grew up in the 1950’s as a member of what is commonly referred to as the “Baby Boomer” generation. The term “Baby Boomer” comes from the fact that after the low birth rate during the Great Depression of the 1930s and Second World War, there was an explosion of births with the end of the War and the return of America

What’s Happening

Edmond P. DeRousse February 12, 2015

I continue to sign at craft fairs, festivals, libraries, Mom & Pop book stores, major book stores, and many other places.  I gave books away. I have been interviewed on radio, newspaper, and TV. Check out the TV interview posted on the Home page. Public speaking is something I have done but intend to do more. I have my own you tube channel where you can see videos of what’s going on with the book business and

The Spartan Agoge (Training of the Youth)

Edmond P. DeRousse February 11, 2015


For the ancient Spartans to have become the military masters that they were, they would have had to go through a rigorous and unforgiving training. And they did, even from the cradle.

As soon as they were born, male children were bathed in wine to make them strong. Later, the infant would be judged by a council of

The Spartan Military

Edmond P. DeRousse February 2, 2015

If there was one thing to be considered as the Greek city-state Sparta’s ultimate pride and glory, it was their military. Ancient Sparta was known for its bravery and skill and during their peak was known as the premier fighting force of their time. The warriors that fought and lived for Sparta were extremely impressive due to the regimented fashion in which children were raised to later join the military.


Post Card

The Common Man Adventure Series Blog

Edmond P. DeRousse February 2, 2015

I am the author of three books. The first two are published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises. My third book is published by Mira Digital Publishing. These are all part of my Common Man Adventures