About the Author

Edmond P. DeRousse is a retired educator for the Illinois Department of Corrections. He also served in the army and worked as an executive for the Boy Scouts of America. Just like his book’s hero, Pete Russey, he has also had many adventures of his own, including raising two children, before returning to his beloved home in Southern Illinois.

Book two is Choice and Consequence the adventures of Pete Russey, a common man. For each adventure Pete has a choice to make and face the consequence for each choice. Pete's hand is extended in friendship only to be rejected. He and another warrior meet on a field of battle. What happens? Pete meets up with a genius deer and has an altercation with a bank robber.

Book one of series is The Adventures of a common man: Pete deals with an unexpected stalker, learns the language of dog speak when he meets his girlfriend's Pekinese, solves a mystery of a murder in his classroom. Find out what happens when God intervenes.